This article is supported by brilliant’. Alright, thanks for coming in, please have a seat glad to be here, so we appreciate your interest in the NASA astronaut program. You know this interview is just a little chance to look at your qualifications, get to know who you are and kind of learn a little bit about you and is.

Is this your qualifications? You’re. Looking at it just says, I’ve, seen the movie Space Camp 87 times it’s literally all it says why waste ink am i right. This is this? Is your only qualification there’s? No piloting experience no engineering degree.

Just you’ve. Seen the movie Space Camp 87 times so did. Did you actually go to Space Camp Ferb? Why would I go to Space Camp? I’ve, seen the movie 87 times times, yeah yeah. You mentioned that look, kids, they go to real space, can’t.

They play around on simulators. That’s cute, but do they know what to do? When there’s thermal curtain failure? They know how to handle that. Do they know how to get extra oxygen for Space Station Daedalus or or how to do Morse code through the comlink when it goes down right? Well, the thermal curtain, failure isn’t really a thing, and even if it was we don’t fly.

The space shuttle anymore and Davis never existed like and also I’m. Sorry. What’s? Your point, my point, is that it doesn’t, look like there’s really any place for you in our astronaut program today.

Sorry. What about here on the ground? Could I could I work with the you know the sentient robots here at Johnson Space Center, the what yeah essentia robots like jinx jinx with max in space? Oh there’s, no sentient robots here or anywhere in the world.

Actually, wait, wait hold on hold on a second, so no thermal curtain failure no jinx, no Daedalus. We you trying to tell me that the movie space camp is not real. Are you telling me you think it is real and though it’s, not real? Just when I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut like more than anything in the world.

It’s. All I wanted to be my parents, couldn’t, afford to send me the actual Space Camp, so I just watched the movie over and over and over again, I wanted to know everything there was to know about that movie like that scene, where NASA Is trying to communicate with them through Morse code and Tish is realizing that they’re communicating.

If you look on her left hand, the fingernails are a slightly different color than in the scene before that, because it turns out they had to reshoot that scene, because Kelly Preston had to go to her cousin’s, wedding and Wabash Wisconsin like the Week before that, and you had to change a you know, fingernail color, to match her what her you know, bridesmaids dress and then, when they got back the system, makeup person, Tracy Pinkerton.

This was the only movie she logged on, but they couldn’t find the same color anymore, so she had to get some press-on nails and put them on there and they were close, but they were just a little bit a little bit different Wow.

The point is, I just I feel like if I knew everything there was to possibly know about this movie, then I could forget that I was never actually gon na be an astronaut. My dreams were just gon na vanish and go away like the kid who played max right just never heard from again wasn’t that Joaquin Phoenix.

It was the kid who played max was Joaquin Phoenix. What on July, 8th of 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis took off from Kennedy Space Center on its way to the International Space Station carrying four passengers.

One of those passengers was pilot, Doug Hurley little did he know he was going to be on the very next flight. From American soil or that that flight was gon na take nine years to happen, but, alas, it did happen as anybody watching this should know when Doug Hurley and bud bankin took off last week on the spacex demo2 mission on the crew Dragon capsule as part of Nasa’s, Commercial Crew program marking, not just the end of the longest dry, spell of crude US launches in NASA’s history, but the very first crewed launched by a private space company.

I mean seriously, though, how crazy is that he was on the last shuttle mission, and now he was on this one. It was like this weird bookend thing like was that done on purpose? I don’t know this is a huge deal and it’s even more impressive.

That SpaceX was able to do it before Boeing, because Boeing’s been working with NASA for over 50 years, SpaceX just launched their first payload into space just a little over 10 years ago, so seriously.

Congratulations to the SpaceX team and Gwynne Shotwell and Elon on this spectacular achievement. It really illustrates more than anything else that we’re in an entirely new aerospace flight. When we’re, multiple private companies, ferry astronauts back and forth to the ISS and possibly some private space stations, while NASA is actually creating a base on the moon that is going to require more astronauts, whata be one of them.

The job title of astronaut is one of the most exclusive jobs in the whole world. Only 339 people have been chosen, fros NASA’s astronaut corps, since it first started in 1958. The first seven astronauts were, of course, the mercury 7 astronauts and the process for picking them was a long and grueling ordeal because they were really looking for people that had all seven were test.

Pilots in the Air Force and Navy, with engineering backgrounds that were picked out of an original pool of 508 pilots, and they were chosen based on their piloting, skills, their mental aptitude personality and let’s just say their ability to make America look good.

Well, you were in a space race at the time I detailed that process in a article I made about Alan Shepard. Oh, I’ll link it up here. The only physical requirement for these astronauts, other than you know not having a body rebel with tumors and having all of your hands and feet, was that you had to be under five foot eleven, because the mercury capsule was famously small.

As John Glenn once said, you don’t climb in the mercury capsule when you put it on take that tall’s. Mercury seven began the tradition of choosing candidates in groups after the mercury. Seven were the new nine in 1962, the 14 in 1963, which is where many of the Apollo pilots came from.

The group of 1965 stepped away from the test pilots for the first time and focused on scientists, which is why they call themselves the scientists future groups. Would come up with more interesting names like the hairballs that flying s cargos, the chumps and the maggots 22 astronaut groups have been picked over the years with the first female candidate picked in 1978.

Over the years, the groups have become more diverse and focus more on engineers and scientists, and doctors and whatnot, but still 61 % of all astronauts have come from military. The next group of candidates is gon na be picked in 2021 and if you would like to be one of them well, you missed your shot because they they took applications in March.

I could have timed this article, a little better if it makes you feel better. Your chance of getting picked for the astronaut corps is pretty slim since 1958, five times more people have been struck by lightning than have been picked to be an astronaut and that’s, not for lack of applicants.

The last round that they picked in 2017, there were 18,000 applications and 12 people were picked. That is a point, zero, six percent chance of being chosen, but yeah for this last round of applications.

These are the requirements that NASA was looking for, be a US citizen possess a master’s, degree in a stem field, including engineering, biological, science, physical science, computer science or mathematics from an accredited institution and by the way the master’s.

Degree thing is apparently new this year, apparently before that you only had to have a bachelor’s degree, so they may be actually getting more stringent in the qualifications. But I don’t know that for sure I just got that from a website called Wieck ipatea the master’s degree equivalent can also be met by two years of work towards a doctoral program and a related science technology, engineering or Math field a completed Doctor of Medicine or doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree in completion of a nationally recognized test pilot school program.

You must also have at least two years of related professional experience obtained after the degree completion or at least a thousand hours pilot-in-command time on jet aircraft, so clearly test. Pilots are still preferred.

Basically, you have to have you know a graduate degree and two years of experience in that field, or you can be a test pilot. You also have to be able to pass NASA’s. Long-Duration flight astronaut physical, which includes 20/20 correctable vision in each eye, blood pressure not to exceed 140 over 90, measured in a sitting position and the candidate must have a standing height between 62 and 75.

Inches candidates should also have communication, teamwork and leadership skills. So any experience that shows that it’s. Obviously a plus NASA’s. Astronaut selection board goes through the applications and picks out the top candidates, and then those are actually brought in to NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

For interviews and further testing about half of those are brought back for second interviews and then out of those the final candidates are picked. So congratulations. You made the highly improbable cut.

So what happens next? What happens? Next is two years of training at Johnson Space Center. During which they must complete military water survival, training become scuba qualified to prepare for spacewalk training has a swimming test during their first month of training, be exposed to problems associated with high and low atmospheric pressures and altitude chambers and learn how to deal with emergencies relating To those conditions be exposed to space microgravity with flights in a modified jet aircraft and to make the final cut potential astronauts must satisfactorily complete training in the following international space station systems, extra vehicular activity, skills, robotic skills, aircraft, flight readiness and the Russian language.

Am I the only one that things that would be really fun to see the looks on the astronauts faces if you could go back in time to the 1960s and tell them that in the year 2020, one of the requirements for being a NASA astronaut is knowing How to speak Russian with how much money do they make? I mean nobody becomes an astronaut to get rich, but you know people got ta eat.

Civilian candidates become federal employees, which means they get paid by the federal government’s. General Schedule. Astronauts are on the GS, 13 + GS, 14 schedules, which means it’s somewhere between 78,000 and a hundred and twenty thousand, depending on experience and education and whatnot.

Now, as many of you have probably noticed, I have only talked about NASA’s, qualifications to become an astronaut, but according to some research that I’ve done just some some facts that I ran across here.

There are other countries in the world, and many of them have their own space agencies and their own astronaut programs, and all of them have different qualification levels. I won’t, be able to get into all of them, but if you’re from one of these countries – and you think you’- ve got here’s.

A quick lay of the land, first and foremost, is the russian state space corporation or rus cosmos, and i do need to do a full article on these guys. Obviously they have a long history as pioneers of space flight, but in the last decade they’ve become the ride to the International Space Station over the years have been 213 cosmonauts, including the ones from the Soviet era Rose cosmos in the inter cosmos Program where they train astronauts from other countries, the European Space Agency or ISA has been around since 1975 and as a joint effort involving space agencies from 13 different European countries, they produce a total of about 35 astronauts.

The Canadian Space Agency that produced everyone’s, favorite space rock star Chris Hadfield, then Japan, space agency, JAXA China, only the third space agency that actually launches their astronauts with the Shenzhou program.

China, unsurprisingly, is a bit isolationist and not involved with the ISS. So they want to build their own space station might also deserve a article. The United Arab Emirates launched their astronaut program in 2017 and already have put a couple of astronauts on the space station.

Korea’s. Space program has one astronaut yi, so young, who flew to the ISS on soyuz in 2008, and the israeli space agency had one astronaut Ilan Ramon, who tragically died in the Columbia in 2003, and one astronaut flew the high assess from Malaysia in 2007 in India, Vietnam And Mexico have astronaut programs, but haven’t, seen anyone into space.

Yet now there is one more state agency that’s worth talking about it’s brand new and it’s here in the United States. It’s, the United States space force. They are actually starting an astronaut program, but they’ll, probably be pulling people out of the military for that now.

Obviously, there are a lot more national space agencies around the world. These are the ones with astronaut programs and, as you can see, most of these agencies just train astronauts. They don’t, actually fly them up.

Only three space agencies in history have actually launched astronauts up into space. That’s. The US, Russia and China, China does their own thing. As I just said a second ago, you can’t buy a seat on the Shenzhou program.

Nor would you really want to it’s still kind of experimental at this point, and since the end of the shuttle program it’s been all Russia, they have been the one ride to space for all of these different agencies that I just mentioned since 2011, which is why the demo2 mission is such a big deal for the first time.

In almost a decade there’s, a second ride to space and when Boeing gets their Starliner certified in the next year, so there & # 39. Ll, be three rides to space, possibly four. When Orion gets up there with an Artemis program, we really shouldn’t count out.

Sierra Nevada corpse dreamchaser space plane. They’re part of the same Commercial Crew program as the crew dragon and Starliner. They plan to start doing cargo missions to the ISS and the next year with crewed missions in the next five years, if possible, and they’ve contracted with ula to fly on their Vulcan rocket bottom line.

If you want to be an astronaut, go, be a military test pilot that still seems to be the best way in outside of that getting a master’s degree in a stem field like biological sciences, physical sciences or engineering or relevant experience in those Fields, so you know you might want to go work for a company that’s, working on satellites or robotics.

That might actually put you in a good position for those construction jobs that might come later on or you could just make a metric butt ton of money and buy your way in good luck. Of course, if you want to be an astronaut, you might want to familiarize yourself with the rocket equation which you can learn in the classical mechanics course.

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