On Monday, I did a article about how to become an astronaut if of course, flying in an airless void at 10 times. The speed of a speeding bullet sounds like a good time to you. I talked about NASA’s, astronaut program and their qualifications.

If you wanted to join them as well as the qualifications of other international space programs around the world, I also talked about how your chances of actually becoming an astronaut or really small, because I’m.

The destroyer of dreams, but I also talked about why the launch of the crew dragon was a big deal and how having multiple rise to space is going to lead to cheaper and more available spaceflight options.

I also did a hilarious sketch about the movie Space Camp, which I think a lot of people. Didn’t get because they didn’t exist back when that movie came out, and I watched it over and over again as a kid, and that was cool and you should definitely go watch it if you missed it.

But what I left out of that article was really possibly the most significant contributing factor if we’re ever going to really become a spacefaring civilization and that’s, space tourism and space construction.

So if you really want to go to space, but all the different space agencies around the world, don’t think that you’ve got then fret nut, because in the near future there’s. Gon na be a lot more ways to get into space and it’s.

Gon na happen a lot faster than you think, especially space tourism seriously. There’s, a lot of stuff that’s about to happen in space tourism over the next few years. More rise to space means more potential for these state agencies around the world to put their astronauts up into space.

But if you live in with these countries – and you don’t, think you & # 39. Ve quite got there’s, always space tourism and there’s, a lot about to happen. With space tourism. Hearing the term space tourism sounds like some far future thing, but it & # 39.

S actually been going on for almost 20 years through a company called space adventures Dennis Tito became the first space tourist in 2001 through space adventures, and they’ve launched seven people total on the Soyuz capsule, but when the space shuttle program ended in 2011, they kind of had to stop doing that, because the Soyuz manifest was just too full to accommodate them, but now that there are extra launch providers, space adventures is getting back into the game.

In fact, they’ve already signed a deal with SpaceX to put four people up to the ISS on the crew dragon. In late 2021 in space I signed a similar deal company out of Houston called axiom space to put four space tourists up to the ISS again in late twenty.

Twenty-One but axiom was really interesting because they actually signed a deal with NASA to put up an entire module to the ISS just for space. Tourists feel like this needs to be repeated. There’s, going to be a module on the International Space Station.

Specifically to house space tourists, this is planned to happen by 2024, but axiom once this adjust kind of be the first step to launching their own private space station later on so yeah. Just in case you weren’t keeping score.

There are now more space tourism flights booked for 2021 then have ever happened before now, and there’s. Also another company worth mentioning called Orion span. They’re working on their own private space station or a private space hotel.

If you will, and if you have $ 80,000, you can reserve your spot right now they do take Bitcoin, not to mention the whole Tom Cruise shooting a movie in space thing. But obviously this is rich people stuff.

The price of these trips is still going to be in the millions, so if you really want to get up to space, but you’re on more of a budget, there’s, also suborbital options, so the new Shepard I don’t know I really don’t know what they’re waiting on at this point.

They’ve tested it twelve times they’ve built four different vehicles. They’ve, never had a problem. They’ve all gone flawlessly. I don’t even know what else there is to test at this point, but yeah they’re.

Taking their time. I mean it’s, their motto: it’s right there in the name, but yeah still no clue, and they & # 39. Re gon na actually put some people on the new Shepard, but it should happen in the next couple of years and then there’s Virgin Galactic, which has been just as frustrating to follow.

They were actually one of the first out of the gate because they teamed up with Burt Rutan and Scaled Composites, who won the Ansari X Prize in 2004, with this particular spaceship design now granted, they had a snag in 2014 when their first ship crashed and it Killed one of the two crew members on board, but their second ship, the VSS unity, has been coming along really well.

They’ve done full suborbital flights in 2018 and 2019. They just actually last month completed a glide test and I couldn’t find a timeline for their first real commercial flights, but they’ve, already sold six hundred tickets of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a pop, and they’ve already set up this gigantic spaceport that they call spaceport america and new mexico.

So yeah they’re. They’re, clearly very gung-ho about this, and you know what maybe they’ve got a right to be. A recent UBS report said that by 23, the space tourism ministry is gon na be worth three billion dollars and that the entire space sector by 2040 is gon na be close to a trillion dollars.

You know what seriously researching this article has gotten me really pumped about all this, like it’s, really starting to feel like everything that & # 39. S happened over the last 10 years has just kind of been laying the groundwork for just some crazy stuff.

That’s about to happen. You know we figured out how to make money by launching satellites, but putting crew up in space has always been really expensive, and it was always done at a loss so figuring out how to get people into space and make it profitable.

Even if it’s only for rich people, it’s, a good start, but it might not be tourism that puts the most people in space that might be construction. You know, tourism is just the first step to creating a human infrastructure.

In space, what ultimately might put the most people out, there is something closer to what Jeff Bezos wants to do by putting heavy construction into space. Look Elon Musk has his crazy, Mars dreams. Jeff Bezos has the idea of O’Neill cylinders and rotating habitats.

He sees a day when we can take advantage of the microgravity in space to be able to actually do construction projects that you, wouldn’t be able to do as easily down here on earth and in order to do that, any super heavy lift Capacity, which is why they’re building new Glenn, like everything else, Blue Origin, is taking their time with new Glenn, but believe you me it is going to be a beast and it’s, going to significantly lower the cost of getting Heavy stuff up into space, of course, this is happening at about the same time that SpaceX is putting the starship together.

That also has super heavy lift capacity and don’t laugh there’s. Also the SLS so yeah, just like the upcoming crew options, are gon na lower the cost of getting private astronauts up into space. These heavy lift options are gon na lower the cost of construction in space, so yeah thinking 10 or 20 years down the road.

There may be a rush for construction jobs in space, and I granted these are gon na, be a bit more high-level than your average construction jobs. So thinking ahead might be a good idea to get an engineering degree or maybe most of the work will be done by robots and the only people that will be up there.

People who can service the robots, so you know getting some experience and some education, and that might be a good way to go now. If I may wax philosophical for just a second, you know I & # 39. Ve talked a lot in this article about the economics of space flight, how we can lower the cost of getting people up there and all that and that’s all very important.

Obviously, but there’s, also something else that this democratization of space might bring about something a bit more ethereal and that’s. The overview of the overview effect is the term given to the shift in perspective that many astronauts feel after they go up into space.

You know there’s, something about looking down at the earth from above there’s, no national boundaries. There’s, no conflicts there’s, no bitterness there’s; no divisive, nasai, Qui, always see in our daily lives, especially online, and then there’s.

Looking the other direction out of the vastness of space and realizing that Earth is this tiny, fragile cradle of life hanging in the infinite void protected from the darkness by only a paper-thin sliver of atmosphere? It’s.

The understanding that we’re all in this together and that this is our home and it’s, our only home, and we have a responsibility to it and to each other. I feel like the world would be a better place.

If more of us had that perspective and the more people that can go up there, and especially people who can translate it to the rest of us, a we can experience it along with them, the more that idea can spread around I don’t Know I just I think the world could use a lot more of that these days and there’s.

Also something to be said about how inspiring it is to see people go up into space and the more people we see doing that, the more it inspires us to want to do the same, and part of that is inspiring future generations to want to go up Into space, after all, they’re, the ones that are going to be carrying this torch forward, obviously not with an actual torch that would that would be bad in space.

A one group that’s working on inspiring younger people is a group called back to space and they’re actually teaming up with some former astronauts, including some Apollo astronauts to create online content and events to try to inspire younger people.

There’s, some friends of mine, they’re, doing some great stuff. They helped me out with this article and I’m, putting some links to their stuff down the description. So if your biggest dream is to go to space someday, but you still just don’t quite have rights or NASA, then fret not because maybe someday you’ll, be able to stay in a space hotel or get a job in Space construction: the point is the skies no longer the limit.

Just like 150 years ago, when the frontier was opened up by transcontinental railroads. Today, the infrastructure for the space frontier is being created right before our eyes, and this train is just getting started metaphors.

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