Somewhere in China around 200 BC, some guy was let’s just say out in the field somewhere. Maybe he was a farmer. Maybe he was a miner or something, but anyway he finds a rock it’s fairly long, elongated rock and for whatever reason he ties it to a string.

Maybe he was making a toy out of it. Maybe he was making some kind of weapon, but for whatever reason that he did this, he found that when he was dangling this rock by the string, it always found a way of pointing in the same direction.

The rock, of course, was a magnetic lodestone, and this was the world’s. First compass, except they didn’t, actually use it for navigating. This was the age of spirits and demons and gods. So this was actually used for divination and Fung Shui, and that kind of thing they called it a South pointer.

I guess because they were more interested in it in the south direction in the north direction, but to their credit, the Chinese were the first to use this for navigation about a thousand years later around 1000 AD, and then it took another couple of years for it To spread into Europe in the Middle East, this of course opened up the seas and opened up trade routes and helped us to navigate the world better than we’d ever done it before, but we still never really understood how it worked is William Gilbert of England that first theorized that it works, because the world acts like a magnet in his book on the magnet magnetic bodies and the great magnet of the earth, though he still didn’t quite understood how it worked earlier theories.

Guessed that the entire planet was just made out of magnetic rock, but the problem is that the deeper you go down and the hot of the rocks get the more they kind of lose their magnetism. So it was Joseph Larmour in 1919.

That was the first person to propose that maybe we have some kind of self-sustaining dynamo inside the planet, that’s, creating and generating this magnetic field. Alarmers theory is proven true in the 1940s by Walter L, saucer and Edward Bullard, when they came up with a dynamo theory of magnetism which actually put all this into numbers and made.

It all makes sense scientifically and whatnot. Because at this point we had a better understanding of the inside of our earth and we already knew that we had a solid iron nickel core at the center of Earth about the size of the moon.

And then we had an outer core about the size of Mars. That was liquid metal and the Dynamo theory suggests that, while the outer core rotates around the inner core, Coriolis effect takes over and creates convection currents that generate this magnetic field.

At the same time, we were learning just how important this magnetic field is in terms of protecting the earth from deadliest of the sun’s, radiation and keeping life. You know safe and protected down here on the surface, and we also learned that it has a tendency to flip sometimes, and then it may be doing it again soon in the long list of weird coincidences that made life on this planet possible.

One of the things that has to be right up at the very top is the strong magnetic field that protects us from the Sun. Actually just talked about this on Monday of the four rocky planets in our solar system.

The earth is the only one that has a strong magnetic field, the other three all have no magnetic field in common, something else they all have in common, no life. We also don’t have technology technology that we have our whole infrastructure.

Our whole lives built around right now it’s, actually heavily reliant on the magnetic field. So in some ways we need our magnetic field more now than we ever have before. Right now we have satellites swarming all around the earth, providing communication and navigation and whatnot.

All of those have delicate components that could be fried without a magnetic field to protect them. Now, of course, if we lost all of our GPS satellites, which is kind of like saying ATM machine, there’s, always compasses to fall back on for navigation, but the problem with that is that the magnetic north pole is moving a lot.

Now. We’ve known since the 1800s that the true north and magnetic north have always been off by a little bit. The magnetic north has always been closer to the Canadian Arctic and we’ve known that the pole has a tendency to drift, which is why the NOAA has always released their world magnetic model every five years, so that we can keep track of.

Where this thing is moving around, let’s. Make sure that shipping services and military organizations have an accurate model for their navigation purposes but beginning in the mid-1990s. It started moving a lot faster.

It went from moving about nine miles per year to about 34 miles per year, and just last year in 2018, the pole actually crossed over the International Dateline in to the eastern hemisphere, and ironically, this shift is actually moved.

The magnetic pole closer to the true North Pole, but it’s, been moving so fast that the NOAA had to release their magnetic model year early. They liked it’s not supposed to go out until next year. They went ahead and did it this year because it’s been moving that much that it’s, causing that much of a problem.

So why the sudden movement, scientists, aren’t sure one theory is that there’s, a high-speed jet of liquid iron underneath the surface of Canada, that’s, scooting everything over towards Siberia. But is this cause for alarm outside of navigational issues you know is this? Is this indicative that there’s, something actually wrong going on down there? Is it time to panic that’s, a joke? Of course it’s, always time to panic.

I should rename this channel existential dread with Joe look. This might not mean anything. It might just be some movement in the outer core, that’s, causing an accelerated drift. That’s all, but it could also mean the polls are about to flip and cause global chaos, because the magnetic field has flipped in the past like a lot like once every 500,000 years, or so we know this because of magnetic lines we’ve found in lava at the bottom of the ocean because, as the lava comes up through those fissures in the tectonic plates, it cools and the ferrous metals kind of line up with the magnetic field.

So you can pull that apart. Take a look at it see which direction they’re, pointing and see which direction the magnetic field was pointing itself and through this method, scientists know that the pole hasn’t flipped in around 750,000 years.

So we’re long overdue for a good old switcheroo. Now it’s thought this happens, because those convection currents in the outer core are just a little bit unstable and every once in a while. The little vortex can spin off here and there cause it to become even more unstable.

It goes into a little bit of a chaotic state before it reorients itself and finds stability. Again. It’s, just good old fluid dynamics, and if there is a stray iron current going underneath Canada pushing the North Pole toward Siberia, it could be part of that instability that could be the beginning of this thing, starting to flip.

So panic not yet when we talk about flip, we’re actually talking about over geologic time, so it’s not like you would just wake up tomorrow and up as down left his right cats or dogs. You know this would take several thousand years like if the poles started flipping when Socrates was alive.

It would just now be finishing so there’s time to adjust and that doesn’t mean this is without its dangers. An unstable magnetic field would probably be severely weakened, meaning more radiation from the Sun would come through meaning more potential for for cancers and genetic defects.

The good news, though, is that there hasn’t been any real correlation between magnetic pole, flips and mass extinctions that we’ve. So it’s possible that it won’t actually affect us as much as we think it might.

Although there’s, still research going on in this department, what might be more profound is like I was talking about before the effect it would have on our satellites and possibly our energy grids. It could leave us much more vulnerable to coronal mass ejection events like the Carrington event that could actually shut down our electrical grids.

So there’s. A couple of ways this could go down. One is that it just might get a little bit more chaotic and more chaotic over the next thousands of years, until eventually everything just kind of reorient itself and it flips into that opposite direction, or the other possibility might be just that.

The pole moves slowly and meanders across the surface of the earth until it eventually gets to the other side, meaning we could possibly see the North Pole somewhere in Africa. At some point, the fact of the matter is the pole may have been in the process of flipping since the very beginning of human civilization.

We just don’t know any better as humans. We have such a limited perspective of time when we look at these long term. Geologic processes it’s kind of like we just get a snapshot of it and then try to put together the entire story.

It’d, be like pulling a frame out of a two hour movie and then trying to piece together the entire plot. So, even though we & # 39, ve actually met the magnetic field to extreme accuracy, especially thanks to the ISA swarm mission.

We don’t know if this is normal or if this is an aberration or is there even any such thing as normal time will tell and we’ve got plenty of it, so no need to panic, or at least don’t panic about this, global warming will kill us all along before this does tell me what you think.

Do you think this is gon na be a big deal? Do you think we’re actually in the middle of a flip? Do you think that it could take thousands of years? Do you think that it could just reorient itself or if it could just travel, and you might go to the North Pole and in the Mount Kilimanjaro someday?


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