This article, supported by curiosity stream August 30th 1949, was not a great day for most people in the United States, because that was the morning that they got up and while eating their breakfast, they read their newspaper and found out that the Soviet Union had their own Atomic bomb: well, I thought don & # 39.

T just burn your bacon up until then, we were the only country that had this incredibly dangerous weapon and it wasn’t just that one of our ideological enemies. Now had this thing, it was how they got it: spies an international espionage ring that got their hands on the blueprints, and now they have a weapon that could take out one of our cities.

This kicked off the Cold War and with it, an obsession and national security circles with spies, the entire world basically became a spy versus spy. Comic like this is a thing that actually happened. Georgi Markov was a Bulgarian dissident.

He had fled the country because he had spoken out against communist government, so he sought refuge in London so one day he’s in London. He’s, waiting on a bus and some stranger passes by and accidentally pokes his leg with.

His umbrella, only it wasn’t a stranger. It was a Russian spy and it wasn’t an accident and the umbrella was fitted with a pellet gun that fired a tiny little. Almost invisible pellet filled with ricin powder just enough to kill a man which it did four days later.

This idea this feeling that anybody could be a spy and nobody was safe, was just pervasive in the post-war years even made its way into our cartoons. Did you ever wonder where boris and Natasha came from, and it was in this environment of panic and secrets and one-upsmanship that the CIA concocted one of the craziest schemes they would ever come up with? The idea was what, if you could control people’s, minds like what, if he could brainwash a rival spy to work for us and not even know they’re? Doing it, give us any secret.

We could possibly want even carry out assassinations for us. This program became known as MKULTRA. Mkultra was a top-secret project, spearheaded by the CIA that was kept out of the public’s, knowledge until 1974, when the story was broken by Seymour Hersh in the New York Times.

To this day, it’s, still shrouded in secrets and mystery, and at the birthplace of a thousand conspiracy theories, it was the brainchild of CIA director Allen, Dulles, who apparently got the idea after hearing reports of American prisoners being brainwashed during the Korean War.

In fact, he warned in a speech at Princeton in 1953 of Soviet brain warfare based on this concern. He gave the green light for the CIA to research, what kind of drugs and hypnosis electroshock therapy and other various and sundry methods could be used to actually control people’s minds.

Luckily, for Dulles and his team of mind melters, it was a new drug out there. That was all the rage with the beatniks and the weirdos known as lysergic acid diethylamide LSD. I’m gon na need to explain to you what LSD does it’s been around for a while now, but at the time it was brand-new and the people at the CIA started to wonder if this would be a way to Kind of open up people’s minds and allow you access to it and control over it.

So, at the same time that there was a nuclear cold war going on, there was also something of an LSD, cold war. Going on with reports in the 1940s that the Soviet Union was actually trying to buy up the world supply of LSD, which the CIA assumed meant that they were on their way to deploying legions of acid controlled sleeper agents into the field which is dishonorable, unethical, illegal And damn it we’re, just gon na have to do it first.

The goal of MKULTRA was to turn subjects and the unwilling assassins and one of their experiments. They tried to brainwash a woman into shooting another sleeping woman in the room and in another experiment they tried to implant a trigger into a subjects, mind that could be spoken over the phone that would cause them to go and plant a bomb somewhere.

Some of the subjects and these experiments are volunteers, many of them from the military ranks and universities, but some of them were prisoners, in fact, some pretty notable prisoners, one was Boston crime, boss, James Whitey Bulger, who volunteered 1957 in exchange for some bonus good time.

According to whitey, we experienced horrible periods of living, nightmares and even blood coming out of the walls guys. Turning to skeletons in front of me, I saw a camera changing to the head of a dog I felt like I was going insane.

I mean don’t feel too bad for the convicted multi murderer, but you know blood coming out of the walls. Doesn’t sound, like a great day in later life, bulgur claimed that some of the experiments gave him permanent brain damage, which is certainly not something that he signed up for, but at least he did sign up for it because a lot of people Didn’t later on.

Testimony from a CIA official claimed that there were actually a lot of private companies that were working with the CIA on MKULTRA, and they had no idea that they were doing it. This is also true of a lot of different agencies and institutions as well, and the names were withheld in these experiments to protect the subjects identities as well as to protect the CIA’s own butts, but because of that there’s.

A lot of mystery still surrounding all this. There’s, a lot of stuff that we don’t know that actually happened, but what we do know is pretty bad like the fact that they secretly experimented on mental patients.

You know people with no autonomy and who are already a little disconnected from reality, so that’s cool. Ironically, some of the most damaging experiments took place in Canada. Yes, Canada, the home of Alan Thicke, Dudley, do-right and Michael Cera also played host to MKULTRA sub-project 68, which just sounds like something out of stranger things: there were 149 known sub projects of MKULTRA and six of which performed their experiments on unwitting victims.

This one was one of the worst dr. Donald Cameron, a respected Scottish American psychiatrist began working with the CIA in 1957. From then up until 1964, he subjected patients at a mental hospital in Montreal to variations of a technique he called psychic driving.

Some patients were dosed at LSD, some were given electroshock. Some were kept in medically induced comas for weeks, while they listened to tape, messages and some got a buffet of all the above. The point was to break the subjects mentally basically erasing who they were so they could be built up again and in several cases, Cameron was actually able to delete memories and some of his patients.

They were reduced back to childlike toddler states like some of them had to be repotted trained in 1980, a Canadian news program. The Fifth Estate interviewed some of the victims of dr. Cameron. They told of changes in personality, the loss of ability to focus and psychosis being induced in some patients.

One way I supposedly left from the roof of the hospital to his death after a period of sleep therapy and psychic driving, he was not the only fatality back in the United States. Mkultra experiments were responsible for the deaths of two men, including Harold Lauer professional tennis player in 1953, Harold that checked himself into the New York state psychiatric Institute to deal with depression that stemmed from his divorce.

Well there, the doctor secretly gave him injections of the drug MDA, which is similar to MDMA. After one of these injections, his body went into some kind of fit slipped into a coma and he died. The other man was Frank Olson who was a bacteriologist working for the CIA at the time he was working on biological weapons, which was kind of a third arms race going on at that time, on November 28th, 1953 at 2:25 a.

m. Frank jumped through the window of His 10th floor hotel room at the New York Statler Hotel. His death was officially listed as a suicide, but the whole thing was super fishy, like the fact that he washed his socks and hung them up to dry before he killed himself like who washes their socks.

Before they kill themselves also a lot of his injuries, weren’t consistent with falling, so it was thought that he was actually beaten up quite a bit before he flew out of the window. In fact, he may have already been dead and, as this kind of investigated, the strings just kind of unraveled.

Apparently his boss was Sidney Gottlieb, who was the head of MKULTRA at the time? And apparently there was a history there of him dosing Frank with LSD. Without his knowledge kind of abusing him a little bit, maybe even treating him like his own little experiment or as possible.

He just didn’t trust, Olson and thought he’s. Gon na flip and become a double agent, either way. Frank. Olson was taken out. It was made to look like a suicide, something that’s totally, never happened again and just one year after Frank, Olsen’s, death boss of the year Sidney, Gottlieb authorized a new project and, just to you know, crank up the creep Factor a little bit more, this one involves whores lots of whores.

The CIA basically used prostitutes to lure men into hotel rooms where they would then be laced with LSD, cannabis. True serum you name it, and then the sex workers would work their sex on the men and try to get them to admit, to scandalous things, trying to get really sensitive information out of them.

And of course, all the while CIA agents were watching. From the other side of one-way mirror, this program was called. I’m, not making this up operation midnight climax. It was the real name. It sounds like something Michael Scott would name it.

The lead agent behind operation midnight climax, was George white, who also liked taping these encounters and then blackmailing the John’s later on, so that’s. Cool George white actually said one time that he got into the spy game, because quote: where else could a red-blooded American boy, like he’ll, cheat steal rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest? Where else operation midnight climax got started in New York, but it later expanded over to San Francisco, which is where things really went off the rails.

There are stories of agents, literally just going to bars and dosing random strangers, and then you know kick him back and watching what happened. A report on these abuses hit the CIA in 1963, which put a stop to operation midnight climax, but the CIA apparently continued to run prostitutes for a couple of years.

Afterwards, in San Francisco, as a wise man once said, pimping ain’t easy, but it’s necessary all this drug and pimping came out in 1974, when seymour hersh of the New York Times ran an expose on it and believe it Or not, the government actually did something about it granted what they did was they turned it into a conspiracy Laden show, but they did something the then vice president Nelson Rockefeller formed the Rockefeller Commission to look into this, but it quickly spilled over into all kinds of Other things, including the JFK assassination, because this whole thing goes deep man how deep two of the Watergate burglars, ie, Howard, hunt and Frank Sturgis, were both in Dallas Texas in November of 1963.

Were they there to shop at Neiman Marcus, I mean, maybe it’s. It’s, a fine store, but probably not Sturgis, especially had a whole history of political assassinations. Here he is in Cuba, standing over a mass grave of Fidel Castro’s.

Opponents, and here he is in Dallas in November 1963 – is one of the three tramps in Dealey Plaza coincidence, and you know what Sturgis never even actually worked for the CIA. He just kind of seemed to show up whenever shady things were going on in the 50s and 60s, which is basically how the CIA operated.

They were basically just a rogue agency back then, but thanks to Seymour Hersh is bold investigative journalist. All of that got exposed, and now the government is in no way tracking, you or anybody else in the country.

So what did MKULTRA actually accomplish? Sidney? Gottlieb apparently thought the whole project was a waste of time. They never found a single truth serum they never programmed a single unwitting assassin.

They did find a way to program dogs to walk into a square by putting brain implants in there. They actually opened up the dog skulls and put brain plant implants in and were able to like, basically remote control have them walk in a square and that’s.

What’s gon na really piss you off about this article isn’t it, but we & # 39. Ll never know what there’s more stuff involved in MKULTRA to piss you off, because by the time the thing was unveiled most of the documents around it had been destroyed.

One that did survive was on sub project 54, which tried to erase memories from people by just cocking them on the head or subjecting them to very loud sonic pulses. So I mean, can you actually control somebody’s, mind the research says? No, that you can’t actually get somebody to unwillingly do something they don & # 39.

T want to do, of course, who needs mind control when you can always rely on good old threats and intimidation which the CIA fell back on in the coming years. The record is actually very clear that the Soviet Union did engage in mind, games and mind-control experiments, but I would argue that MKULTRA is really.

If anything is success for the Soviet Union, because their propaganda, you know, foster this environment. Where law men began to act like rogue agents and torturers now, in recent years, countless conspiracy theories have popped up around MKULTRA on the internet, because internet, but this comes with its own pros and cons according to Marie D Jones, who wrote a book on mind-control and Did an article and Wired magazine quote it’s, important that the truth of MKULTRA is known, but the way it’s become so well known in popular culture has also become a bit of a problem.

We’ve gone from this intellectual probing of its origins to just believing in complete insanity such as it targeting celebrities and making them do weird things, which is why, when Al Roker flubs an attempt at humor on live TV, it becomes proof of MKULTRA Mind trol MKULTRA was a dark, disturbing chapter in the history of the American intelligence agencies and ultimately it was a failure.

Now I know a lot of you. People out there in the comments are gon na saying that it’s, not a failure that they have mind-control abilities. It’s, just that it’s all been hidden from the public, and nobody really knows the extent of it all.

Well, it’s just as possible that all this was hidden from the public because of all the you know, secretly drugging people with illicit substances, murders and whoremongering, maybe just maybe that’s reason enough.

Besides, the only organization we know for sure is trying to control people’s. Minds today is Facebook. You know it’s. True MKULTRA is just one of dozens of bizarre spy scenarios that were cooked up in the heat of the Cold War, the heat of the Cold War and I’m going with it.

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