Hey 42: here the world is like a high school playground, depending on their ideologies and cultures. The various countries tend to form cliques and shun others who aren’t a part of their special gang since World War.

Two, a handful of international alliances have sprung up that have segregated the world into distinct and globalized entities each believing that they are defending the world from evil or protecting a certain way of life.

There’s. A UN EU WTO UNESCO, NATO cmf African Union Arab League and that’s, just a tiny number of examples. Every country seems to have more alliances and treaties than they have brands of beer. It can be incredibly complex attempting to keep up with who likes who and which countries want to blow each other up so which of these high school gangs would be the most likely instigators of World War 3.

Well, as current world affairs and political tensions stand, there are three obvious scenarios that could lead the world down the dark path of global warfare. The first instigator could be China, vers.

The US China desires to fully retake Taiwan and expand its territory throughout to the South. China, Sea to secure safe channels for its fast-growing blue water Navy and to a road America’s, military grip on the region.

China has even gone as far as building artificial islands in the South China Sea to put military bases on China’s. Expansion economically geographically and militarily poses a serious threat to the global hegemony of the u.

s.. Currently, the only superpower, America is unlikely to sit back and let China overtake that number one spot on the world stage. Without a bit of a fight. Tensions between China and the US are increasing by the year, and it could soon blow up quite literally, into World War 3.

The second spark could come from you guessed it. Russia versus the US. The Russian bear wants to be seen as strong on the global stage and that illusion of strength was pange. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia deeply desires to retake lost states such as Ukraine.

It also feels constantly threatened by the growing power and membership of NATO, its largest and most formidable opponent, Putin Trump tensions could throw the world into a dark abyss of global war. Lastly, the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea could instigate World War 3, despite Kim jong-un agreeing to denuclearization at a summit with Trump it’s believed there are in fact, 13 secret nuclear facilities in North Korea and their recent blatant missile tests over Japan are hardly Reassuring the world that North Korea aren’t looking to arm themselves to the teeth with nuclear warheads.

Then there are a handful of other ongoing tensions that by themselves could instigate World War 3, such as India vs. Pakistan. There’s, persistent tensions with Syria and bad blood between Iran, Britain and the u.

s.. Some experts believe current world tensions are greater than during the Cold War. In truth, nobody can predict if World War II will happen and, if so, when it will happen. But what would a third world war look? Like Albert Einstein said, I know not with what weapons World War II will be fought, but World War four will be fought with sticks and stones.

Indeed, in a nuclear-armed world world war free is a terrifying prospects, but could a nuclear Armageddon actually happen? Yes, of course it could. However, it’s extremely unlikely, and most experts agree that, even if World War three kicked off, the chances of a nuclear missile being launched are quite low.

Why the mutually assured destruction all it would take is one ICBM to hit a NATO country, Russia or China, and the full force of America or Russia’s missiles would be launched in retaliation. Basically, in this scenario, every possible path leads to all world powers being utterly annihilated.

Within the space of day, heads of state may seem erratic and even stupid at times, but they all understand this essential premise: you destroy us. We destroy you nuclear weapons, maybe the end game of a world war, the last desperate play of the losing side, but I don’t believe they will come at the very start.

Most likely there will be an instigator event followed by a steady escalation of force, but the real question is: in what form will that force? Come warfare has changed substantially since World War, two the days of trenches, frontlines and armies, and even tanks are long gone.

A relic of the past and modern weaponry has made large numbers of foot soldiers less impactful during warfare, though they will always be needed in some format. We live in a world where an operator can sit in an air-conditioned room on the other side of the planet and command a drone to deliver a laser-guided hellfire missile into a building or massive persons, killing hundreds with a single strike.

We live in a world where aircraft super carriers are equipped with surface-to-air missiles. Rail guns that can hit ground targets over 220 miles away with incredible precision and freakin. Laser guns boots on the ground is still an essential tool for any nation and can be utilized in a multitude of ways, but in the third world war vast land armies would be far less effective than they were last century, and human warfare will be more Special.

Op space to use to take out high-priority targets with skill and precision since nuclear weapons, aren’t really usable in the real world about destroying the entire planet. Navies are the greatest weapon, not world powers have at their disposal specifically aircraft carriers.

An aircraft carrier is a formidable floating military base that costs over five billion pounds to build and the running cost would make your head spin. As a result, very few countries have aircraft carriers.

Only the UK, Italy and the US have more than one at there come the u.s. actually has it written into law that the naval command forces of the Navy shall include not less than 11 operational aircraft carriers, but any Navy’s.

Immense power and immense costs are also its greatest weaknesses. In a real-life wartime scenario, any commander-in-chief has to consider risk and costs before sending an aircraft carrier or destroyer fleet into the heat of battle.

The problem is if they make a tactical error and lose one or more aircraft carriers, not even America can click its fingers and conjure up a replacement. These beer moths take over five years to build.

Modern super carriers are by no means easy to attack. They are fraught with weaponry and designed to repel enemies with ease, but if a rival state was able to engage a carrier fleet in combat and had the means to sink it and the results would be devastating and a certain game changer after all, no matter how Well protected a capital ship may be all it takes, is one lucky shot from a torpedo or an anti-ship ballistic missile, like the kind that China has recently developed and with that one strike down goes billions of pounds and years of work and for some countries their Only carrier and primary means of defense, leaving the doors wide open to attack, not to mention the loss of critical experience, military personnel when ships sink they have a nasty habit of taking the entire crew with them.

When HMS hood was sunk in 1941 1415 of a 1400, an 18 strong crew perished with her. Since supercarrier engagement is extraordinarily risky. Even for America, as the old adage says, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

They will most likely be used exclusively for defense. In a few to war, therefore, war leaders will seek a lower-risk offensive strategy and there is one method of warfare that is extremely low risk and low cost, but the rewards could be immense.

I’m talking about cyber warfare. Every major world power has invested heavily into state-sponsored hacking, even if they don’t like to admit it, because they all know the truth and nation that can effectively hack another during wartime would have possibly the greatest upper hand of all.

Cyber warfare is at its most terrifying when it has the power to affect physical infrastructure and weaponry. A WikiLeaks report revealed that the CIA has been hoarding zero-day vulnerabilities for just about every operating system, including Android and iOS devices.

Zero-Day vulnerabilities are basically keys that a hacker can use to freely gain access to a system and the system developers in this case Google, Apple and Microsoft. The world’s largest tech companies have no idea that they exist so hence they have zero days to react to to hack.

The CIA was stockpiling the zero day keys and using them to develop deadly cyber weapons similar to the Stuxnet malware that artfully infected. An Iranian nuclear plant inflicting major physical damage to its machinery.

It’s believed that the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and mi5 have cooperated to develop an entire suite of similar cyber weapons to Stuxnet. Unbelievably, the world’s for leading Intelligence divisions. Don’t go about their day broadcasting.

The details of their latest creations, but it’s, believed that they have created malware that can infect pretty much whatever they like for a variety of purposes. All the way from smart televisions and smart phones used to spy on people to the on-board computer systems of cars and trucks which could be utilized to steer them off the road or disable them entirely.

And you just know that if the US and UK are working on such weapons, then so are Russia and China, but the most chilling targets that these state actors could direct their cyber weapons towards is infrastructure the infrastructure that enables our modern lifestyles and keeps countries afloat From the road network to the banks, the power stations, water, filtration law, enforcement and health care all run on computer software, and so in theory can be hacked and disrupted, but hackers taking down public sewer systems or stopping consumers from being able to use their debit cards.

Isn’t going to take down a rival government and win a war or visits during World War. Two, both the Axis and Allies ran long and devastating strategic bombing raids. The purpose of these were to demoralize the everyday citizens of the respective countries to degrade their enthusiasm for war to such a point where they would no longer have the stomach to continue fighting or supporting the war efforts.

Those bastard Nazis could never crack the British spirit, but had the Blitz gone on for another few years, who’s to say that they wouldn’t have in theory, this style of attrition warfare is a highly effective strategy for when a Nation cannot outright penetrate the military defences of their opponents and it’s in this exact same manner that cyber warfare would be used in World War II.

Cyber warfare is cheaper than carpet bombing and can affect a substantially higher number of people. Public infrastructure is far easier to hack than military equipment, because the computer systems, our own infrastructure, are really very severely outdated or connected to the public Internet.

Whereas military installations are usually always isolated from any form of public network, which means that the only way to hurt them is with physical access to the facility, mind you that didn’t stop the u.

s. when they infected the Iranian nuclear plant with Stuxnet, Which was also isolated from the public Internet. Interestingly, military facilities usually use outdated computer systems on purpose because so long as they aren’t connected to the public Internet, they are less susceptible to modern-day hugs and books.

The US Department of Defense recently announced that it has only just stopped using floppy disks to store data in some of their military facilities. So this begs the question: what if a rival state is able to do the highly improbable and access the isolated military facilities of its enemy, then the sky is quite literally the limit.

A malware could be pre-programmed to launch nuclear weapons when it detects that it has successfully infected the target facility and it could aim those weapons within the target country’s own borders, effectively forcing a nation to commit suicide, another deadly weapon that will change The face of a third world war, his drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, are already used by NATO forces to perform frequent precision strikes on Isis strongholds in the Middle East.

But what, if smaller, more agile and less obvious drones were militarized? I’m talking about the drones consumers buy to film pretty scenery from the air. Drone warfare is a serious threat that global think tanks are getting all worked up over and for good reason.

Small sized military drones pose one of the greatest threats to humanity during both peace and war time. The United States Department of Defense is currently working on a project called purr dicks, which aims to give every soldier on the field a personal micro drone.

These small devices could fit into assaulters pocket and be deployed into the air in seconds once airborne, each soldier’s. Drone communicates with every other drone used by the same squad and each one taps into a single shared brain to form a swore.

The swarm could coordinate their movements in real-time and alert each other to enemy locations and defensive systems that could threaten the swarm per Dex. Drones have been undergoing real-world testing for the past few years.

Currently they’re. Only intended use is visual intelligence and scouting ahead for enemies, but there’s, nothing to say that guns, couldn’t be attached to them when combined with artificial intelligence driven targeting which the u.

s. DoD is also currently developing. Then these armed micro drones make for an almost unstoppable and terrifying weapon. In only a few years, these swarms of drones could be shooting down human targets, and those very targets could be chosen automatically by a computer algorithm inside the swarms shared brain.

I’m sure. Not many sane people would mind if this technology would be used to protect our freedoms, but the ugly consequences of terrorist organizations getting their hands on this technology could be utterly devastating.

Whether World War II will be fought with bombs, missiles, guns, computer viruses or drones, one thing is for certain: it will be more terrifying than ever before. Every major successive war in the past two centuries has increased in both duration and brutality.

We live in a time when computer code can cause more devastation in a nuclear weapon, and that’s. Not something to be taken lightly, or we can hope is that the world continues to move away from war and towards peace.

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