Hey 42 here I previously talked about deadly computer viruses such as Stuxnet and the world’s. Most-Wanted hacker kevin Mitnick, but i personally think it’s really interesting and concerning the immense damage a hacker can do to some of the world’s largest companies and organizations over the course of just one hack.

So today we look at the biggest hacks in history and I can’t think of a more appropriate starts than a young Cuban born American who masterminded the largest credit card fraud in history Albert Gonzalez, by 40, the naturally gifted Gonzales carried out his First known successful hack into a little-known government agency called NASA.

This was only two years after he got his first computer early in his career Gonzalez dove headfirst into the world of credit-card fraud. By involving himself of a hacking group called shadow crew. Shadowcrew comm was a form of operating between 2002 and 2004, where people could buy and sell stolen credit card details.

It was ended when the US Secret Service busted wide open and made several arrests Gonzalez avoided prison time by turning informant and providing incriminating evidence on his fellow shadow crew members to the Secret Service.

But karma came back to bite Gonzalez when he was indicted in 2009. For carrying out what is still to this day, the largest breach of payment card information in history, the hack was against Heartland Payment Systems which processed credit and debit card transactions for over 275,000 US businesses, millions of transactions passed through their servers each day.

This was a sophisticated plan which Gonzalez branded operation, get rich or die. Trying’gonzales, along with a hacking accomplice, known as Petey, who later turned out to be Daymond. Patrick Joey discovered a vulnerability in Heartland Payment system which enabled them to perform an SQL injection attack on the company’s database.

An SQL injection is when a nefarious command is unexpectedly fed to a database which it isn’t expecting and usually causes that database to either leak information back to the hacker or destroys data completely Gonzales also found the same vulnerability in the payment systems Of 711 JCPenney t.

j.maxx and target, he also installed a packet sniffer on the networks which recorded credit card transactions in real time, including the mag stripe. Data from the cards happening across thousands of stores nationwide every day from these companies gonzales, who had the online pseudonym of soup, nazi was able to steal a combined total of over 170 million credit card numbers instantly, giving it on-demand access to probably more money than almost Everyone alive: what did he do with his newfound access to unlimited stolen wealth? He threw himself a $ 75,000 birthday party and lived in and out of lavish hotels for a while, though, it is thought that he was acting as a hacking cell for a Russian kingpin.

So much of the money was transferred back to Russia via Western Union. The Secret Service finally managed to indict Gonzalez in 2009 and who is handed two concurrent 20-year prison sentences. After his arrest, he informed agents of a barrel buried in his parents garden containing 1.

2 million dollars in cash. Contrary to Albert Gonzales, our next hacker wasn’t motivated by riches. In his own words, he hacked two of the world’s. Most secure and secretive organizations for thought Jonathan James was born in Miami and became infatuated with computers when he was six by 16.

He was going by the online pseudonym comrade and had his eyes set on one of the grandest conceivable hacking trophies. The US Department of Defense, specifically James, found a vulnerability on the service of the defense Threat Reduction agency, DTRA, an arm of the DoD responsible for monitoring potential threats to the security of the United States, which is really ironic.

James managed to install a backdoor on one of the DTRA servers located in dual Virginia with the backdoor in place. He could place a sniffer on the server recording all traffic that passed through it on a daily basis, since DTRA employees access the server every day.

He was able to capture the username passwords and private messages of hundreds of DoD employees. This gave him the keys for some of the government’s, most critical secret systems and made him privy to state secrets that even White House staff were not aware of never mind a 16 year old in his bedroom.

Another system that James gained unauthorized access to after performing a separate hack on the Marshall Space Flight Center was the code that NASA used to operate the climate of the International Space Station.

In theory, this meant that James could alter the temperature and humidity levels of the ISS from his bedroom. Only a few months after this Huck James was arrested and still only 16 became the first teenager to be imprisoned for cyber crime.

He was sentenced to seven years, but was permitted to serve them at home, internet access, of course, due to his age and low risk to public safety. Sadly, Jonathan James’s. Story ends in tragedy in 2008.

He committed suicide because he convinced himself that the police were going to wrongly charge him through involvement in the Albert Gonzalez TGX case we’re not broke. Now, during the Internet’s short life, there have been endless hacks that have stolen usernames, passwords and other sensitive information from large websites, some of the most notable examples being Yahoo, Facebook, eBay, uber, Sony and varisai.

Whilst these attacks were huge in their scope, yahoo had nearly three billion user records stolen, not one of those had the impact of what many consider to be the most damaging hack in history for millions of people all around the world.

I’m. Of course, talking about the infamous 2015 Ashley Madison hack in case you don’t, know: Ashley madison.com is a dating website. With a twist you join with the sole intention of cheating on your partner or spouse.

Their official tagline is life is short, have an affair. Surely nobody would use such a website? You may be thinking ah well, that’s, not what a staggering 32 million people around the world thought who had signed up to cheat on their not so significant over on the 12th of July 2015, employees of avid life, the company that owns Ashley Madison logged onto their computers to find a warning message that threatened to release the information of every Ashley Madison user to the public unless avid life took down Ashley Madison website and its sister site established men.

Bizarrely, this warning message was accompanied by the audio of EC DC’s thunderstruck. It will later emerge that the name of the group or individual who carried out the attack, went by the name impact team a week after the attack, avid life had still not caved, and so impact team posted a public message online that gave the company an ultimatum Shut down your site in 30 days, or we release all of the user information to the public following this fret Ashley Madison tweeted, that they had patched the vulnerabilities on their service that allowed impact team to gain access in the first place.

But it was too late. The damage had already been done. If what the hacker claimed was true and it was, he had already downloaded the personal information of over thirty two million Ashley Madison accounts 30 days later.

The websites Wistar live so in a pastebin post titled times up hacking group published the first ten gigabytes of information, including millions of email addresses used to sign up for Ashley Madison accounts, more data dumps came and by August 60, gigabytes of user information had been published By the hackers online for everyone to see this included, email addresses physical addresses and the last four digits of credit card numbers.

Of course, people all over the world combed through the mountain of Records and found Ashley Madison accounts owned by numerous CEOs, celebrities and politicians search engines even sprung up, which allowed one to enter their spouses email address and see if they had ever used.

Ashley Madison the Ashley Madison hack, was like no other because it spawned an important public debate. Sure cheating is wrong, but was it morally right of the hackers to expose so many people in such at the basing public manner, especially when the consequences were so tragic? The two Canadians committed suicide as a result of their personal information being included in the attack, be causing their personal lives to fall apart.

People all over the world began receiving death threats because of their involvement with the site and many detestable individuals entirely unrelated to impact team took to extorting people. They found within the breach data by threatening to tell that person’s family if they didn’t hand over a mountain of bitcoins.

As for Ashley Madison. Well, it will perhaps never entirely recover its public image of a website that encourages adultery can never have a public image in the first place, at least a positive one. But you would be surprised at how quickly people are willing to forgive and forget.

The website is still is active as ever, and they have reportedly signed up 30 million new users since the hack, perhaps that simply a testament to people’s, unwavering desire to have a shag on the side.

It would only be appropriate to end on the compelling story of a man who, at least colloquially, holds DHE of perpetrating the biggest military hack of all time online. He’s, known simply as solo. In reality, he is 53 year old, Gary McKinnon from Glasgow, a systems administrator who made the world’s.

Most powerful security agencies look utterly hopeless. Between February 2001 and March 2002, McKinnon hacked into 97 US military and NASA computers. 97 rogue states that rhyme with minor and Musha literally longed millions of hacking, attempts against the Pentagon and other US military installations every single day.

They really do, even though the Pentagon wouldn’t be shouting about it. Of these attempts were successful. It experts think that they almost never are yet a Glasgow man who operated from a small room in his girlfriend’s.

Aunt’s. House bypassed America’s; most secure systems with ease over and over again. Furthermore, McKinnon wasn’t paid to hack and he wasn’t doing it to extort the US government. No, you see, McKinnon was a major conspiracy fanatic and he performed the hacks to find evidence for his belief that the US was purposely suppressing unlimited free energy sources and evidence of UFO encounters.

He didn’t find any material that we know of. However, the US authorities claimed that, whilst he was inside their systems, McKinnon deleted critical operating system files which shut down 2000 defense computers and related systems for 24 hours.

But his most spectacular move was leaving a message on the US military’s. Website that read your security is crap. He also left the following warning on one US military computer. U.S. foreign policy is akin to government sponsored terrorism these days it was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11.

Last year I am so low. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels. After his arrest in 2002, McKinnon became the subject of a debate which put a small fracture in the US UK special relationship.

The white house demanded McKinnon to be extradited to the US to stand trial over there, but in a landmark move the then Home Secretary Theresa, May denied his extradition keeping MacKinnon on British soil.

It’s believed the fact that he had Asperger’s, weighed in on the decision. After a 10-year legal battle, it was decided in 2012 that MacKinnon would not face charges in the UK Eva due to a lack of evidence and all of the evidence that was available was held by us or priorities anyway.

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