Hey 42, here isn’t it incredible how a single speech has the power to change the world? In 1588, king philip ii launched an ambitious invasion of England with the mighty Spanish Armada as his primary weapon as many as a hundred and sixty warships set sail towards England shores.

With the goal of the froning, the Protestant Queen Elizabeth, the first as English sailors and soldiers assembled as a camp at Tilbury in Essex, ready to take on their greatest ever foe. They were surprised when their Queen came riding into the middle of the camp, wearing a velvet dress, with a steel breastplate on top showing that this woman, this Queen of England, was ready to fight beside them to defend her country.

If needed. Elizabeth was a female Queen. In an age when women were thought to be less intelligent than men and the man was still legally allowed to beat his wife to a bloody pulp, yet she had the self-confidence to deliver a speech that has gone down in history.

Beside the Great’s, I am come amongst you, as you see at this time, not for my recreation and Dysport but being resolved in the missin heat of the battle to live and die amongst you all to lay down for my god and for My kingdom, on my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king and a king of England too, and think foul scorn at Parma or Spain or any Prince of Europe, should dare to invade the borders of my realm.

It can’t, be proven that the English defended that country against the Spanish any better as a result of this speech, but it certainly helped inspire confidence in thousands of soldiers and they went on to enjoy one of England’s greatest Ever military victories, the Spanish were defeated decisively and most of the mighty Armada was reduced to ruins and was forced to shipwreck along the coast of Ireland.

This victory was the turning point in modern history that ended: Spain’s reign as global superpower and gave way for England to rule waves and every corner of the earth in the coming centuries. Although, despite its effectiveness, Elizabeth’s, speech also included the following line.

I know already for your forward nurse. You have to serve through awards and crowns, and we do assure you in the word of a prince, they shall be duly paid. You, which was a total lie many the English soldiers were never paid for their service and left to deal with their own mortal wounds in a ditch.

So a great speech, doesn’t even have to be truthful. All that need achieve is to inspire confidence in of us, and you can do great things with a few well-chosen words, so them how come so. Many of us are absolutely terrified of public speaking even in front of small groups of friends or family.

And what can you do to fix it and become a public speaking god I’ll. Let you into a little secret. Everyone is scared of public speaking, your teacher, your doctor Academy, award-winning actors that prime minister and yes, the President of the United States, the chemistry that gives us butterflies and stage fright before speaking, is so baked into the human mind that nobody can entirely erase it from Their psyche, some have reported their fear of public speaking to be worse than their fear of death.

But what is that chemistry that makes every one of us feel this way? A fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia from the Greek glossa meaning tongue. When you deliver a speech, there is always a fear that you will be rejected by the audience.

They may laugh at you, heckle you or even boo. You are putting yourself into a very risky and vulnerable situation, at least that’s. How your brain views it consciously! You may know that nothing that seriously bad could happen by getting up on that stage, but subconsciously your brain will sense.

The potential danger, because truthfully there is always a small risk of embarrassment or even danger when public speaking, you may say something to a then the crowd and risk public ridicule and the more public speaking you do, the greater the risk.

Every single word, the president says, is scrutinized and with every speech he risks impeachment or more likely a severe dip in polling figures. So, whether you want it or not, your brain reacts to this danger by engaging the flight-or-fight response.

Yes, that’s. All frustrating chess – not this – is controlled and initiated by a very primitive part of the brain called the limbic system, specifically in the amygdala. This system evolved millions of years ago to detect and react to threats in the wild is so primitive and hardwired into the deepest parts of our brains that we can’t simply turn it off by gently telling it it’s.

Okay, this crowd of people won’t eat me alive. Just minutes before you are due to speak. The limbic system will release epinephrine and norepinephrine in your system. This increases your awareness and focus, but these chemicals will also induce a nervous system response that tenses.

Your muscles increases your heart rate and breathing and dilate your pupils. Your neck and face will blush red as the blood surges to every corner of your body. In preparation for a fight and your digestive system stops, which causes your mouth to stop producing saliva and go really dry, which is exactly what you need before protecting a speech to an auditorium.

On one hand, it’s, a real shame that your body inflicts you with this on avoidable biological response, because the consequences of spending your entire life, avoiding public speaking or debilitating, you could be actively avoiding opportunities to get a promotion, make more money or Inspire others not to mention the risk of missing out on that’s, amazing feeling of immense self satisfaction.

When you perfectly deliver a speech and you walk away knowing you struck a deep chord with the audience. So how can you fix your fear of public speaking well? For a start, you can’t fix it for reasons I just mentioned.

Your fear of public speaking is a fixed, buy logical response that no amount of practice or experience can overcome. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to remove your anxiety, your body’s. Response to public speaking actually helps you.

It focuses your mind and prepares your body for the challenge ahead. Without this vital biological response, you wouldn’t, be able to perform anywhere near as well as you caught when you are in the spotlight.

Even if you were super confident, but you can certainly do some things to manage your fear and learn to work with your body instead of letting it hold you back, one of the most important skills you can learn is self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are it doesn’t matter? If you have a speech impediment or you’re, not a native English speaker, you can deliver a memorable and impactful speech. You must learn to believe 110 percent in yourself and what you have to say, 90 % of what politicians say is, but they have such immense self-confidence that they don’t care because they believe in it themselves and that’s.

All that matters at least to win the people over tell yourself over and over again that you can’t fail. Imagine you’re going through a job interview, but you already have the job gaining self-confidence is much easier said than done, but do you know what you can do to help achieve it practice? I know practice is the answer to everything, but it really is the only way you can wrest control of your fear of public speaking.

Obviously, you need to know the words of your speech. Like you know your own name, there’s, no point in even attempting a speech that isn’t burned into your memory. You’re setting yourself up to fail and you’re only giving yourself another unnecessary reason to be nervous, but learning the words to your speech is only the beginning of effective practice.

There are a few skills that, once you’ve mastered, even if you’re only delivering the speech to your sofa will give you the self-confidence to deliver that speech to anyone. The first is proper pacing practice, slowing yourself down way down.

Where most people, especially nervous people, deliver a speech for the first time they really soft their tongue like it’s, leaving a bad taste in their mouth speaking as fast as possible to hopefully get the ordeal over with sooner.

But not only does this scream anxious amateur to the audience, but they will also completely zone out to not listen to a single word. You’re, saying imagine if Martin Luther King jr. spoke like this. So, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream: it is a dream, deeply rooted in the American dream.

Yeah, the Lincoln Memorial grounds would have cleared out faster than you could say, Mississippi so slow right down and that a few pauses now Annette they give you a chance to compose yourself and take a breath and the well-timed pause.

Doesn’t bore the audience quite the opposite: it holds their attention and intrigues them as to what you’re, going to say next also work on your body language, though Pollin going on to state of your hands in your pockets.

Instead make your chest as big and wide: this not only makes you see more confidence and it gives you more authority, but it actually gives you more self-confidence. Why do you think every politician adopts such ridiculous power pose, which makes them look like they were about to do something else on the stage.

Some argue that by adopting this stance it makes them feel and more confidence and thus deliver a better speech. The science is still on shore on whether this power pose actually increases confidence levels, but at the end of the day it’s, a personal thing.

If it works for you, it makes you feel strong. Then you spread those legs goddamnit, but I would just like to make a small caveat to all of this. I still think that the most important thing is to just be yourself: there’s, no point in focusing on how far apart your feet are and what your hands are doing.

If your personality isn’t coming through to the audience, because at the end of the day and that’s, what will make your speech special and unique you? But don’t just practice. These techniques in your bedroom, the biggest improvement in your public speaking confidence and skills, will come when you start delivering speeches to strangers a few visits to it, Toastmasters or of a public speaking group can transform you from a shaking leaf to a confident orator, but if, After endless rehearsing and practice, you still can’t, bring yourself to stand up in front of hundreds or thousands of people and speak aloud.

Then try getting pissed. You may think that’s, an irresponsible piece of advice, but I beg to differ. We’re out. Garland’s is your system. It blocks communication between your amygdala, the park. We talked about earlier responsible for the fight-or-flight and your prefrontal cortex, when these two can no longer communicate your brain stops appraising its own actions.

In other words, it’s, unable to tell itself that what you’re about to do is stupid and you may come to harm on alcohol. Your brain experiences, less fear and less shame, and the fight or flight response is severely dampened.

That’s, why people feel invincible when drunk and generally more confidence and douche stupid things? Now I’m, not advocating going onstage and delivering an important speech more Trollied than an actual trolley, because you’re, going to seriously embarrass yourself if you drink too much you & # 39.

Ll. Definitely forget your speech and you won’t, be able to stand up straight. Never mind speak straight, but if having just a couple of small glasses of wine before an important speech, helps to remove that cliff edge of fear for you.

And it is the difference between you delivering a confident speech or climbing got halfway through and breaking down in tears. Then I say: go for it. After all, relying on a bit of alcohol to speak publicly.

Every few months, doesn’t make you an alcoholic. You’re, just using a readily available tool to control and dampen your body’s. Biological response, you’re, not alone. A significant amounts of famous actors got a little or a lot drunk before performing some of Hollywood’s, most memorable scenes and one day who knows, you may feel confident enough to speak sober well.

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