Hey 42 here, twenty-two point: five: five: zero, zero degrees; north 91 point three, six, six, seven degrees west. Those are the coordinates for Bo Mecca island in the Gulf of Mexico. Its name comes from its reddish color.

As you can see on this map, it’s, only a smallish island, roughly 80 square kilometers, but there’s, something really odd about it. It isn’t there. In 1997, a group of Mexican fishermen sailed out to the location of boo, Mecca and found nothing again in 2009 and Mexican University conducted a large search and found no such island just endless deep blue sea, but this makes no sense.

It definitely should be here. The Spanish cartographers drew Bamako Island in the fifteen and sixteen hundreds and between the 16th and 20th centuries, numerous maps drawn up by different nations all placed by Mecca in the exact same location.

One can only assume they genuinely did find dry land at that spot. In the ocean it’s, not the only island that appears on old maps yet cannot be found. Today it takes and the island off the coast of eastern Australia.

It has appeared on nautical maps since the 19th century sandy island even shows up on Google Maps as a weird black shape, but when Australian scientists sailed there to investigate, all they found was water.

Most missing. Islands, like Sandy Island, are no more than curiosities or anomalies, but boo Mecca is surrounded by tens politics, which makes finding it or discovering what happened to it of top priority for Mexico.

In recent decades, Mexico has been so determined to locate this mysterious missing island because of you guessed it. Oil. Under the 1982 United Nations Convention, each country owns the mineral rights, and fish rights are 200 nautical miles going out from all directions of that country’s.

Land mass, this 200 mile radius is called an exclusive economic zone or EEZ, but a country’s. Landmass, of course, also includes any islands it may own. And yes, even if that island is a hundred miles out at sea, that country owns the natural resources of 200 miles around that Island, as well as its main lands.

So owning Islands can hugely extend a nation’s EEZ beyond its usual borders. This is exactly why Mexico so desperately wants Bamako Island to exist. The location where per Mecca supposedly once was happens to be the farthest north of any of Mexico’s.

Highlands in the Gulf of Mexico so laying claim to it would push Mexico’s EEZ hundreds of miles further north than its current situation and to make Galland an even more attractive prize. The 200 miles around bur Mecca Island’s.

Location happened to be rich with pockets of underground oil. Millions of barrels worth finding boo Mecca would allow Mexico to get their hands on this sticky black gold instead of America, yet no matter how many times Mexico searched for it.

The rocky island remains frustratingly elusive, which is annoying because it has fantastic Google reviews, as one five-star review had described. It amazing took my family there over the summer, sad that there was just open waters in no island and my son Timmy drowned.

Then some helicopters came in and started shooting at us. I would definitely recommend going there. Not only does boom occur up here on countless of maps, but there are reports less than 10 years ago of Mexican fishermen coming across the isle enjoying their travels.

They usually report seeing a small spit of red land and the location shown on the maps, but official searchers have never had such success and there is no photographic evidence of the island ever existing Fuhrman Islands that is supposed to be 8 kilometres to simply disappear.

He’s beyond weird, so what is going on here? Many theories have been thrown out to explain the disappearance of the mecha. It could be that rising sea levels from climate change have drowned it, but this is unlikely.

It would have to be a very small island for the small change in the sea levels to have claimed it by now. Also, when the National Autonomous University of Mexico went to investigate in 2009, they didn’t just sailor, dingey around in circles.

For an hour, they used advanced ultrasounds to image, to seafloor, to a depth of 472 meters in an area of 223 square kilometers, and they found no sign of an underwater islands that could have once been above sea level.

Another explanation is that it could have been a particularly delicate landmass made of perhaps coral hands. Therefore, the sea may have eroded it away over the past few decades, but the few eyewitness reports there are speak of a rocky and sandy islands.

Not coral, though one has to wonder how reliable are the reports of drunk Mexican fishermen, it could simply be that the coordinates are incorrect and boo Mecca does exist, but in an entirely different area of the Gulf of Mexico than what is shown on the maps.

You may think that an island couldn’t simply hide in the 21st century, but that would be under estimating the unfathomable vastness of the ocean, whilst extremely unlikely it’s, not out of the realms of possibility, though satellite imagery makes the Chances of this vanishingly small, perhaps the most believable explanation for the mysterious missing islands – is that it never existed in the first place.

So how can it possibly appear on different maps? Cartography is an art form before the 20th century maps were completely hand-drawn and there were only a few people in the world with sufficient maps and art skills to be able to draw detailed and accurate maps.

The Italians in English were particularly good at it, with map creation being so difficult and essential to ruling the waves. Nation-States would seek to TEKT maps as though they were nuclear launch codes.

One method of detecting copycat map fraudsters was by inventing islands. Cartographers would often draw fake islands on their maps. These islands, didn’t exist in the real world, but if anyone copied their maps, they would instantly know because they would invariably copy the fake islands to its.

Therefore, extremely likely that boo Mecca was a trap island placed there by an early 16th century Spanish cartographer, knowing full well that it didn’t exist with the sole intention of catching out rival, map makers, who also drew the mecca into their maps and Possibly many did all the subsequent maps that have shown by Mecca down the centuries could have simply copied it from the earlier maps, but there is an even more outlandish explanation to Bible.

Mecca may no longer exist, of course, when an island disappears into thin air or water, every lonely man in his caste is going to invent a juicy conspiracy. Some say that bur Mecca was blown up by the Americans, specifically the CIA, at some point.

During the past few decades, why well to stop Mexico expanding their easy and getting their hands on all of that oil? Of course, it sounds utterly ridiculous that an entire island could be blown up, but with us firepower it’s absolutely possible.

Nobody can prove whether or not the Americans blew up the mecca, but one has to ask how much importance does the u.s. put on oil and what end would they go to to claim it? Thanks for watching, I’ve just launched my first book, which I’m crowdfunding through unbound publishing it’s called sticker flagging.

It’s, a thousand years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond. If you want to get your hands on a first edition signed copy, then head on over to unbound the links in the description check out the launch article over there.

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