Hey 42 here cave paintings are incredibly special. Not only are they the very first form of graphical communication envisioned by mankind, but they are the most tangible connection we have with our ancient ancestors who lived had families hunted, did chores played and inevitably died.

Tens of thousands of years ago, how do we know they did all those things, because the marks upon these rocks tell us they are a rich tapestry of human life, its ups and downs carved into stone and preserved within a hidden sanctum for millennia, the oldest cave Painting we have discovered is that of a bull in Indonesia.

It is thought to be at least 40,000 years old, but could be up to 50 2,000 years old. Most cave paintings, however, have been discovered in Western Europe, specifically France and Spain. An impressive 350 caves containing prehistoric art have been unearthed in these two countries alone.

Our ancestors created odds to understand their world. These remarkable images signify an epoch in human history when Homo sapiens stopped simply surviving and started pausing to contemplate their surroundings, perhaps even enjoy them.

For a brief quiet moment, within the solitude of their dark, subterranean retreats one of the most telling portraits of basic human joy. A mr. hostile world can be seen on the world of the quavered de las manos, meaning cave of hands in Argentina, though at first it may look like the scene of some horrific mass execution.

This is, in fact, the polar opposites. These stencil paintings were created by children and their parents, placing their palms against the rocks and blowing paint, as it threw a hollowed-out bow to impress the outline of their hands up.

The rock the black paint was made from charcoal taken from the embers of their fire, and the red is aqua, which is basically clay, rich in iron oxide, giving it a blood red hue. Both pigments would have been mixed with animal fats to give them a paint.

Like consistency, what was the point of doing this? You may ask: well it’s, quite simple, really play what you can see here is prehistoric man playing with their families in the same way that parents finger paint with their children today, but they used their artistic expression for more than just recreation.

Recent discoveries have led researchers to now think that they actually created humanity’s. First written language and in fact some of these cave paintings were communications to others, and perhaps messages left to rival, tribes, friendly tribes or family members.

In most of the caves in France and Spain, where this artwork can be found alongside the skillful impressions of bison and horses, are a bunch of mysterious symbols for a long time, it was thought that they had little to no significance and were only drawn as a Means of practice, but only in very recent years have specialists began to collate all of these symbols from hundreds of caves into one single unified codex and what they discovered blew their minds the same or at least or mistake.

Ibly, similar symbols have been found in hundreds of different caves. Hundreds of miles apart from one another genevieve von pet singer from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, has a particular interest in these symbols and has traveled all over Europe recording their appearances in total.

She has found 32 distinct symbols that are repeated over and over again from simple circles to ladder shapes it is possible, each could represent a specific animal or object. This could be a horse, for example, but it gets even more intriguing because the symbols are often found in sequences, for example, lines next to dots, and these same sequences can be seen in different caves in different countries.

Over and over again, almost like a language, we are the only animals on our planet that are able to communicate basic concepts via abstract shapes and that we were doing it over 40,000 years ago is remarkable, and these symbols are nothing if not a teaser.

To an explanation of how Homo sapiens were able to dominate the environment around us and create advanced civilizations, something that Nova species has ever been successful in doing, but occasionally, when intrepid explorers uncover a previously undiscovered cave in some dark corner of the world, they find more Than animal shapes and symbols, sometimes they find something altogether more disturbing near the town of Jarama in the canker region of India.

Our caves that contain some of the most mysterious prehistoric paintings we have ever discovered. They show odd looking humanoids with long limbs, tall, necks and bulbous heads these paintings date back 10,000 years.

Some researchers are convinced that these are graphical recounts of the first encounter with extraterrestrials. Some of the figures are wearing helmets with antennae like shapes protruding from the top, and this particular drawing in the same cave, resembles a disc-shaped UFO craft with three legs, or are they tractor beams? Perhaps the truth is we currently have no way of knowing what really happened on that day 10,000 years ago to cause our ancestors to paint such strange images.

But what makes the whole situation even keya is that they are not the only cave paintings that seemed to resemble over worldly beings. Take, for instance, these disturbing paintings found in the Sunstone cliffs of the Sager Canyon in Utah, painted roughly 8,000 years ago.

They feature a variety of humanoids with bizarre body shapes some appears to be holding snakes and have snake-like antennas on their heads. These particular figures are known as book horn wash angels, and this painting shows what appears to be a cult-like meeting.

There was a circle of people around a tall of individual who looks like a giant alien robots, and finally, there is the artwork of the Aboriginal people, the one genus inhabitants of the Kimberley region, of Northwest Australia for at least sixty thousand years.

They left us with this striking rock house of slender men with huge craniums and eyes. In fact, these paintings are so close to the modern-day pop culture interpretations of extraterrestrials that it has convinced many conspiracy theorists that these people genuinely received a visit from another world.

All those thousands of millenia ago, but perhaps there’s, just something inherent within our idea of what other people would look like that hasn’t changed through the ages, however, the charama Sega Canyon and when Gina paintings may all share a Common explanation, that’s more THC than ET more rational and Afra apologists suspect.

All these examples are the result of possible drug adult shamanism anthropologists believe that shamanism in various forms was an intrinsic part of prehistoric life in most cultures. If we forget about robot aliens for just a moment, then it’s, difficult, not to see an obvious shamanism ritual represented in this particular painting in Sega Canyon.

But research is now believed that the majority of these old paintings were created under the influence of psychedelic drugs. We imagine drugs to be a modern invention and indeed all refined drugs are, but apart from synthetic drugs such as meth, all natural drugs have to come from nature, and indeed many of the sauce plants of modern drugs do come from very recent cultivations in the span Of human history, but plants have existed on earth for perhaps millions and definitely tens of thousands of years that have the ability to significantly alter neural activity, such as an ancestor of the hallucinogenic ayahuasca plant, which is still used by many tribal communities.

Today, a paper published by researchers in Tokyo suggests that not only would a prehistoric man used those plants during their spiritual rituals, but they would have actually sorts them out and collected them for future use by using psychedelic plants they would have been able to derive greater Meaning from their rituals as they would have visions of wild faces, shapes and places that they could never see in the real world.

The Tokyo research has found the same crazy patterns repeated in different caves across the world. This would give credence to the psychedelics theory, as there are indeed specific patterns that the human brain tends to see under the influence of psychedelic drugs.

These are collectively known as touring instabilities. We see these patterns because they represent the layout of our brains. We are seeing visualizations of our neural pathways, which, when you think about it, is really trippy.

We are able to see these patterns on psychedelics because they enable neurons to talk to other neurons that they would otherwise never be able to communicate with. Imagine for a moment that your brain is a series of adjacent rivers running down a hillside with many tributaries, but psychedelic drugs such as LSD, allow those rivers to overflow and float the mountainside.

Suddenly all these rivers and tributaries can now exchange information with others previously unreachable, and when that happens, you get weird like this. What’s more Stone Age? Man, didn’t just eat psychedelic plants.

He smoked them to archaeologists from University College. London and North Carolina State University recently unearthed ceramic bowls and tubes on the Caribbean island of Kerry aku it’s believed this equipment was used during social gatherings and spiritual rituals to inhale the fumes from psychedelic substances, the most likely candidate for such a Drug is coho burr made from the ground-up seeds of the coach of Bana tree.

This cave painting actually depicts an individual using a makeshift device to inhale Cahawba. So there you go. Our ancestors spent their days, trying not to get eaten and laying around inside caves. Getting high prehistoric man, didn’t, have the Internet’s, but if he did, he would definitely use Nord VPN.

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