This article is brought to you by audible, hey everybody, how’s it going, as you can probably tell already. This is gon na, be a different kind of article from what I normally do on this channel. There’s.

No spinning around there’s, no music. There’s; no a lot of things. It’s, gon na be very bare-bones, vlog style article and by the way, if you like that kind of thing before I get started, I should let you know I do have a second channel.

Many of you know about it. Most of you probably don’t, but it’s called Joe Scott TMI. If you like the vlog style kind of thing. This is what I do on there and I talk about. I follow up things on on articles that I do on this channel.

I talk about things that don’t really fit in this channel. I just kind of share my life kind of stuff that’s. Why? I call it TMI too much information, but a lot of people that follow. It have told me that they actually like that better than this channel, but if it’s, something you’re into, I’ll.

Put a little doobly-doo up here and I’ll, put a link down the description feel free to go check that out. If you want to so last week, I talked about all the bummers in the world. All the things that are got me worried about the future, and you know funny thing about that article was that it was actually pretty difficult for me to get through it, because my typical cadence, when I’m presenting a topic, is you know? I talk about the bad stuff, but then I talk about the good stuff and then you know another con, then another Pro you know, because there’s, a balance there there’s, always a little back-and-forth.

Even if it’s, something that I’m very very into and very supportive of you’re, not doing that subject in a service by not talking about the thorn on the roads. You know you got. You got a cover of that kind of stuff, and so, as I’m sitting here, doing this article last week for all the negative stuff all the stuff I’m worried about.

I kept finding myself wanting to go back into that positive territory and being like. Yes, this is bad, but there are these other things and it was just. It was funny to me how difficult that was for me to to not do that.

I was saving it up. I was holding off for this article and you might be wondering why am i doing this article like this? Why am i doing more of a vlog style thing? Instead of you know the type of article that I normally do and partially it’s, because I’m kind of trying to make things easier on myself for December and for the holidays and whatnot, and also partially, because this is the Last article of the year, and not just the last article of the year last article the decade, this is a whole and I want to just kind of be a close and personal with you guys.

I want to just kind of be an intimate thing, so so that’s. What this is. This was just me kind of off-the-cuff talking about some of the things that you know kind of go counter to what I was saying last week, the the the good side of all that kind of stuff, but also just general reasons why I am generally optimistic about The future as negative as last week’s.

Article was, and as far as I go into like the existential angst kind of thing, on this channel on a regular basis in general, I’m, a pretty optimistic guy. So here’s, my chance to just kind of let that out for you.

The first is just, and these are promises, so you can take this with a grain of salt if you want to, but a majority of countries around the world have made a promise or a pledge to go carbon neutral by 2050.

Again, not all them are gon na get there. There are some smaller countries like Boutin that have already gotten there. Now that’s, a very small country, yes, and they don’t have a large amount of electricity consumption, but hey it’s a start, and I kind of pointed out that that renewables only account for 30 percent of Our energy production in the world right now I could have played that as a negative last week, but let’s.

Just look at it as a positive that’s, that’s, a third that’s. A third of our energy is coming from totally renewable sources, that’s, that’s, something to celebrate. That has not always been true, that’s, actually a fairly new thing, and it is growing year by year.

In fact, if you look back over the last ten years, it’s doubled in the last ten years. So if that trend were to continue, you could expect by the year 2030 that we would have 60 % of our electricity and energy sources being renewable.

That’s, something to celebrate. You know. One positive thing I can point out is BP chargemaster? Well, they’re, not just BP, any more than now BP chargemaster, meaning they’re, getting a lot more into the charging infrastructure.

They’re, seeing that there’s, money to be made there and they’re going that direction and ultimately we live in a capitalist society and those are the things that are going to move things along. In fact, the expansion of charging networks has been phenomenal.

Just over the last few years. There was a study released by some market analysts that predicted that the charging infrastructure that is right now valued at 5.3 billion dollars by 2023. It’s expected to be 30 billion dollars.

So when you see the that level of growth and at low opportunity, people are going to be putting more money into that corporations. Investors are gon na, be investing money into it and that’s. Gon na speed things along even more.

You know, the cost of renewable energy is plummeting, especially solar and wind. Hydropower has gone down a little bit, but hydropower is a big and expensive thing to set up, but the point is solar and wind.

Energy has gone up exponentially said in a previous article that the solar energy has gone down: 76 percent since 2012. In fact, solar production over the last 10 years has gone from. I got a look 12 terawatts in 2008 to over 500 terawatts in 2018.

It’s literally increased 48 times in the last 10 years. We can expect a trend to continue in that direction over the coming 10 years and, of course, as a fan of v’s. I am super stoked about all the cool electric models that are coming out from not only new startups, but also the traditional automakers.

We’ve talked about this a million times forward with their Riven partnership and the Rivi entrust the rt1 is going to be coming out there as r1t. It’s coming out this year in 2020. That’s, something to look forward to the Volkswagen with your meb platform and they & # 39.

Ve got several different models on that one in North America. The ID four is the ones gon na be coming out there pole, star 2 is gon na be coming out in 2020, the Kia Soul Evy, is coming out the Volvo XC 40.

I have to actually look here. All of these are spectacular. Electric cars with great ranges, and it’s, just such a refreshing change from the whole compliance car thing that the auto industry had going for the longest time.

You know they had a fleet average fuel economy that they had to meet, so they were like making all these gas-guzzling cars and we’ll. Just we’ll just make a couple of EVs that nobody will actually want to buy just kind of offset that whole thing.

That has been their paradigm for what like a decade now and now the traditional automakers are getting serious about it. Gm and LG Chem just signed a 2.3 billion dollar agreement to build batteries in Ohio.

That’s, going to create like over a thousand jobs. It is officially becoming a job maker and it’s officially becoming a moneymaker for traditional, auto companies. This is sort of a pivot point that we’ve, been waiting on for a really long time and we’re.

Actually, starting to see it as somebody that’s in two V’s, it’s super exciting, and one of the more popular articles that I had over the last couple of years was talking about Fusion for good reason.

There’s, a lot of stuff going on in Fusion Energi right now, a lot more so than ever before, and one of the things that’s really encouraging. Is it’s? Not just you know, government, and you know intergovernmental organizations, building things like Eider over in France, which is an important project, and we’re gon na be watching that they’re, expecting, I think in 2025 to get first plasma out of That one, which is still you know some years off, but there’s.

A lot of private companies involved too, some of which are founded by and supported by large. You know, billionaires like Bill Gates, just to name some off here. First, light Commonwealth fusion systems, tae general fusion, plus the 7x Wendell Stein 7 X, generator over in in Germany.

The US Navy is working on something to actually power some of their ships out at sea. A lot of people are now saying that it is a case of when not if this is definitely something’s, gon na happen, and once it does, that is the holy grail of energy, and I really think that we could see some form of Fusion energy, at least in a prototype stage by the end of this next decade, and by the end of the decade after that, I think, will actually have commercial fusion energy systems that are powering cities and homes and everything.

Now, in the meantime, I talked a minute ago about something that can help sort of mitigate the fact that we might not get fully carbon neutral in terms of the production of energy that we have going on by the year 2030.

But I am gung ho about carbon capture systems. The direct air capture technologies have gotten a lot more efficient. There’s. There’s, a new one that just came out in the last couple of months. That uses nanotubes in a two tank system that has a very slight charge to attract carbon dioxide and it collects too these little nanotubes, and this is a far less energy-intensive system than some of the previous ones.

Who knows I mean in the next five years? You might be able to set a carbon capture system out in your backyard, collect carbon dioxide in a tank. Somebody comes around and picks it up, and you could get paid for that because they could then take that co2 and go make fuel out of it.

Carbon neutral fuel – I don’t want to go too far down this rabbit hole right now. I promise you, you’ll, be hearing more about this in the coming year. It’s, something I’ve, become really obsessed by and passionate about, and, and I really think that it holds a lot of promise for getting us where we need to be on this whole thing.

I didn’t talk about this in the last article, but there’s, a lot of stuff to be excited about or happy about or optimistic about in terms of cancer research. There have been advancements in immunotherapy over the last couple of years when fighting cancer, which basically takes our own immune system and weaponize.

It specifically against cancer cancer cells, and there’s been a lot of great progress there. There’s been some some huge studies that have produced some amazing results that they’re, looking at in the next few years, that’s becoming more widespread and becoming a total game changer when it comes to fighting cancer.

But in general there’s, been positive progress. For a few decades now cancer death rates have fallen every single year since 1992. Molecular diagnostics is a thing that has become more and more refined over the years, so they can find it earlier and earlier, with smaller traces there’s.

Actually, a friend of mine, I’ve, been friends with for about 15 years now and pretty much the whole time. I have known him. He’s, had the specific kind of cancer that apparently does not respond to chemotherapy.

You can only radiate it and cut it out, so he’s had multiple surgeries over and over again long story short. Thankfully he’s still with us, but he spends a lot of time at MD Anderson down in Houston. Now, MD Anderson is one of the most prestigious cancer hospitals in the whole world.

He talks about these doctors in the way that they talk about cancer and the way the the cancer treatments are accelerating. He truly believes, and his doctors truly believe that in another 10 years, maybe 15 years, cancer will not be a death sentence.

Anymore, like it might not be something you can necessarily cure, but it’s, something that you could manage and just live with, and in fact there are certain types of rare cancers that have already been completely cured there’s.

One type of cancer therapy that actually takes an HIV virus and reprograms it to only attack cancer cells. I mean that’s, amazing and, of course, I’m super pumped about space and everything that’s. Going on in this new space race, that’s happening right now, you know I’ve, been into space.

Since I was a kid which is a long time ago. I kind of grew up in the shadow of what happened before. I was born with Apollo and you know the Space Shuttle was nice, it was fine. I had it up on my wall and everything, but it felt like you know.

The space race had kind of stagnated, and especially since 2011, when we were tired, the Space Shuttle and we haven’t had our own manned or crewed program in the United States. That is going to change next year, with both Boeing and SpaceX.

Putting crewed missions up into space America will be launching human beings into space. Again it’s super exciting. To see what’s going on with rocket lab. They now have a system set up where they can make a rocket in 12 hours.

They can make a rocket every 12 hours they & # 39. Ve got a new launch complex. That’s, going to be going up in Virginia. I believe so now they & # 39. Ve got two different launch facilities super exciting stuff.

Now they’re, also looking at doing reusable rockets because they’re gon na try to catch them out of the air it’s just so it’s. Just super cool rocket lab is a super cool company and they’re doing some super cool stuff and they need to get shouted out more.

We’re. Actually, talking about going back to the moon again like for real Artemis program is, is revving up. They’re, really looking at being up there. The idea they’re, actually being moon colonies or moon bases is an actual thing that I think I could see now that there wasn’t even a light at the end of the tunnel for the longest time now there’s a light there and it’s, not just NASA, but it’s.

Also SpaceX with the starship there’s. There’s, other programs there looking at getting to the moon. This is an actual thing that’s happening, and what gets me excited about these private companies that are getting involved in the in the space race now are the fact that this new space race is between private companies is because private companies can have A better long-term strategy I feel like – and you guys can disagree with me on this if you want, but you know the problem with with government stuff, is that every four years the government changes in some way and the priorities change along with it.

So one presidents or one presidential administrations, pet project with space will go away and another one will kick in and there’s, billions of dollars just get wasted, but with the private company there’s no four year, you know period that The alternate between different ideas: they have one solid idea and they point toward that idea.

That’s. I think why some people get so excited about SpaceX there’s. There’s, a singular vision and it’s, not gon na change, and they are on their way to Mars and they’re doing this and they’ve got that one path and they’Re following it and everything that they’re doing is kind of iterating and adjusting to try to get to that goal.

And I also talked in the last article about how the internet seems to be sort of dividing us quite a bit. And that’s, still a problem there’s. One thing that gives me hope. Mr. Rogers, I feel like mr.

Rogers, is having a bit of a moment. All of a sudden. You know there was that documentary last year called won’t, you be my neighbor and then there’s, a Tom Hanks movie that just came out. I think a beautiful day in the neighborhood is what it was called.

Suddenly everybody’s all about Mister Rogers, all of a sudden, and I think that is the pendulum swinging back the other way. I think we’re just so tired of the divisive Ness and we’re. So, tired of constantly being at each other’s throats and everybody being pissed off about everything all the time.

I think we are starting to kind of just get tired of that, and we want to move back toward kindness. I think this sort of swing in this renewed interest in mr. Rogers, not just mr. Rogers but Steve Irwin and Bob Ross – they’re, called the Holy Trinity of wholesomeness.

I see that on the internet quite a bit, and I just think that’s, a reaction to all the negativity is going on out there and and it just it’s good, to be reminded that we’re. Not all bad that, ultimately we do want positivity in our lives and we do have sort of gears and genes and DNA that the point us toward happiness and goodness and taking care of others.

But I have to say – and I know this is super cheese. But if there’s, anything that makes me most optimistic and looking forward to the future. It’s. You guys truly it’s. It’s. You guys, I’ve. The support that I’ve gotten over this last year on this channel and the comments you know on Twitter, Facebook and in patreon and everything it just it just keeps blowing me away that you guys are so so supportive and I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting this channel and letting me do this and and and having the life that I’ve gotten to have.

I mean the last couple of years for me since I started doing this full-time. I didn’t know it could be this happy and I and I hope that my doing this and making jokes and putting some smiles on people’s faces.

Hopefully this is some way of giving back yeah. I just I want you guys to always know that I know where this comes from. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t, be doing this if it wasn’t for you and if it wasn’t for your support.

You know at the end of every article I’d, do my little sign-off, where I say love you guys, and it is just sort of my sign off on one hand, but it’s. Also, very true you, you guys have made it possible for me to do this, and I cannot thank you enough, hey, while you’re still here.

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Please have fun celebrating and be safe once you hear next week, but here’s to a new year and all the cool stuff is gon na come along with it together. You and me so have a great one love you guys for real, and I’ll, see you next year.



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