If there’s, one thing that’s, definitely different between men and women. Its breasts, I mean yeah. We have different, you know plumbing down there, but we do both have plumbing it.’s. Just some of us have a you know, an intake valve and the others have a out take out out valve ones a penis, but I don’t have anything up top like I can’t.

Imagine what it would be like to have things here that have to be you know, strapped in lest they fly all about, but I’m sure women feel the same way about us at least Elaine did on Seinfeld. I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.

The point is breasts might be the one thing you know the one instinct that we’re all born with you know, because that’s. What we feed on when we’re babies, other animals can walk right away or can fly right away.

Some of them can hunt right away, but we can’t do anything. We’re, just like lumps of doughy flesh that can’t even crawl, but we know one thing and one thing only go for the boob and sometimes I think that never fully goes away.

Breast feeding is a sole domain of women because they’re, the ones with the breasts with the mammary glands. They’re, the only ones that can fulfill that role. At least you would think so yeah turns out.

Men can lactate welcome to your new phobia. One of the great shower thoughts of all time is: why do men have nipples? Are they vestigial nipples, like a like a nipple appendix that we used to have, and we don’t need anymore? Are they aerodynamic nipples? Are they decorative nipples? Are they functional in any way? How come mammals all have eight nipples and we only have two nipples? Oh my god, you have to stop using the word nipple.

Well, the reason that men have nipples when we don’t have mammary glands is because actually we do have mammary glands it’s, one of those things that forms before the embryo differentiates between one sex and the other.

What we don’t have is the combination of hormones that makes those mammary glands functional because it always goes back to hormones. Everything also comes back to shirts, hey. If I plug my shirts lately, people always ask when I put it at the end of the articles.

If you want to get a shirt like this or other Claire dirty shirts, you can go to answers. The Jo becomes less shirts done now to explain how all this works there’s no way around it. We’re gon na have to talk about boob Anatomy for just a second, if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to skip ahead, but to be fair, you did click on a article about male lactation.

So you brought this on yourself when we’re kids, boys and girls have the same situation going on. We have mammary glands, but they are not activated. They’re, basically just modified, sweat, glands and then puberty happens and we start making all kinds of hormones which do all kinds of things, but in girls it’s.

A combination of estrogen and progesterone. That kind of turns on those mammary glands, the glands swell up along with fat cells or at a post tissue that actually creates the shape of the breast, but it also protects the mammary glands and create space for those glands to enlarge later on wait.

Let me finish up the anatomy thing: real, quick, the mammary glands are divided into 15 to 20 lobes and are made up of little sacs called alveoli, which are lined with myoepithelial cells. The Myo part of the word refers to muscle cells or things that can contract an epithelial.

Part of the word refers to cells that line the inside of things so myoepithelial. Our cells that contract to push the milk out, which it travels through like different ducts up into the skin around the the boob hats, those so it’s, estrogen and progesterone.

That makes all of this sort of come into being, but that’s. Not what actually makes the milk happen for that. You need another hormone called prolactin. This is produced in the pituitary gland and this is what makes those OVA produce milk.

So to answer the age-old question I have nipples Greg. Could you milk me? Yes, you could if your body was making prolactin. So what could cause a man’s, pituitary gland to create prolactin? Well, the tumor.

For one thing, we hear all the time about how an overactive pituitary gland can lead to an overproduction of growth hormone which can lead to gigantism, which is something that sounds awesome until you realize that most people with gigantism leave very short and painful lives.

Due to skeletal and joint problems, but a tumor on the pituitary gland could cause a pituitary gland to produce prolactin, which would cause milk to come out of the breasts, probably a lot of other things as well.

So if you’re a dude, you suddenly start producing milk. I’m sure that’s, a fun little party trick, but you might want to see a doctor about that. Another thing that could cause it to happen is starvation.

In fact, this was reported to happen by Japanese POWs and Nazi concentration camp victims in World War. Two, this article just not being funny didn’t it again when your body goes into starvation mode.

It actually shuts down a lot of your hormone production, but it also sort of shuts down your liver, which kind of processes all the hormones. So when you do have some proper nourishment the glands actually recover a lot faster than the liver does so hormone production.

Spikes goes to the roof, produces all kinds of things, including prolactin, and the milk flow. In fact, a similar rush of hormones occurs in babies right after birth, which means in a small number of cases about five percent of them.

Infant babies can produce breast milk. This is also known as witch’s, milk, alright. So if any of that has made you uncomfortable here’s, a doozy of a fact for you, apparently, according to a 1995 article by physiologist and Arthur Jared Diamond men, can be stimulated to produce milk by manipulating the the nipples mere repeated mechanical stimulation.

Of the nipples suffices in some cases, since mechanical stimulation is a natural way of releasing hormones. Unquote he didn’t, went on to describe some stories of mothers who adopted. Babies and didn’t actually go through pregnancy, but we’re, still able to nurse them and a story of a 38 year old man.

In Sri Lanka in 2002, who was able to nurse his two daughters after his wife died in childbirth because modern problems require male breastfeeding. Of course it’s exceedingly rare for this to happen. Naturally, but there are artificial means of creating breast tissue and activating mammary glands through hormone supplementation.

This is commonly done by transgender women and there is an experimental method for inducing lactation using a process called the Newman Goldfarb protocol that actually uses an anti-nausea medicine called domperidone.

So if you’re, a single dad and you just really want to breastfeed your kids, I’m. Just saying it’s possible, get that man a father of the Year trophy. So you might be wondering why I’m talking about this at all on this channel, and I mean here’s.

The way I see it, if you can make a article that is so off-topic for your channel, that most people won’t even click on it and it’ll mentally scar. Anybody who does and will absolutely without a doubt, be demonetised.

I mean you got to do it fam it’s, a win-win-win. Actually, it’s, just one of those weird things I randomly ran across while researching something else, and I was immediately both fascinated and horrified by it.

At the same time, I was Horan Aidid, so I thought I would pass that on to you. Enjoy the horror nation anyways that’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoy being Horan Aidid. If this is your first time here, you might want to check out this article.

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Tell me how horrid ated you are and let’s all have a good time and try to be pleasant down there anyway until next time. Thanks a lot for watching you guys go out now have an eye-opening rest of the week and I & # 39.

Ll, see you on Monday. Let you guys take care.


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